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Needlemedia is an intelligent and dynamic freelance design studio. A wide range of creative services are offered.

UI/UX Design at Needlemedia

UI/ UX Design:

From initial brainstorming sessions to launch, I've assisted teams strategize their voice on the internet. Most recently having partnered with companies to produce the wireframes and pixel perfect designs for world recognized brands on mobile and tablets. See More...

Graphic Design at Needlemedia

Graphic Design:

Whether the task is branding, logo creation, or print design, I apply a consistent and thoughtful design approach to obtain results. The design process involves identifying and communicating the essential messages, functions and characteristics that bridge the gap between your business needs and the needs of your viewers. See More...

Illustration at Needlemedia


I provide illustration services that can be completely digital or hand drawn to achieve a completely unique, colorful experience. Many illustrations are printed on posters, album covers, marketing collateral, and as assets in 2D games for iOS. See More...

Other Skillsets at Needlemedia

I help clients develop their own unique identity with a consistent voice across all communication channels. In other words, my aesthetic is driven by impactful ideas and a specialization in design that make people notice.

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Find out how I can assist with your unique idea, or, just to say hello. I am always looking to collaborate on creative and challenging projects.

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